HealthTech is modeled after the tech industry’s “hackathon” and aims to foster collaboration among students from various disciplines by uniting them for their passion within the healthcare fields. Students will work with nonprofit organizations to solve pressing problems — from mental health to geriatrics – faced by these groups in order to make a tangible impact within in their community


Submit your project before the deadline on March 14th. Then, there is a half-hour screening before judging where we check to make sure that your project was submitted correctly and that it is a completed product.

If you experience any technical difficulties during submission, please reach out to the help desk channel as soon as possible and no later than 5 minutes after the deadline. Once the judging process begins, we are unable to accept late submissions.

After the screening period is completed, you will be notified if your project passed. In that case, you will be connected to a judge to present your solution. HackGT will be offering a "How to Present Your Project" Workshop on Sunday to offer suggestions on communicating with the judges, where we can further answer any questions on the rubric.

A detailed rubric will be released once hacking begins Saturday, March 13th so that you can tailor your solutions with the final judging in mind.

HealthTech Cheating Policy

By submitting your project to HealthTech, you affirm:

  • The project was created during HealthTech
    • You are allowed to use a template or set up boilerplate prior to the event. However, the bulk of the work must be done during the event.
  • The project has not been submitted to any other hackathons or competitions
  • Only the people listed in the submission worked on the project
  • The project is the team's original work
    • You are allowed to use existing open source code (e.g. npm), use resources such as Stack Overflow, and consult with mentors. If you use template or open source code, please provide the link as a citation.
    • You cannot use an already existing project as your submission. Your project must add significant new functionality.

We reserve the right to monitor for cheating both manually and using automated technologies. Projects that do not meet these requirements may be excluded from judging and be ineligible for prizes.

Hackathon Sponsors


$625 in prizes

Global & Rural Health

Fitness & Nutrition

Inpatient Health

Mental Health

Women's and Reproductive Health

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Impact
  • Technical Complexity
  • Working Prototype
  • Presentation

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